About Us

Maa- Althahab Fragrances member of Al Masmoum Group Companies is one of the largest fragrance companies in Syria despite its short journey in fragrances business, through building up the company on solid foundations using latest management concepts by Mr. Abdul Hadi Masmoum.

Our Stores

You need the perfect fragrance? You will be delighted to discoverour chain of fragrance stores: our teams are happy to help you determine what type of scents will appeal to you based on your lifestyle, likes and loves. Locate us to find out what your signature scent should be.


For the pleasure of smelling, explore with us a largest and diverse selection of best smells in the world, 100 % made in France:  new fragrances, best perfumes for women, best perfumes for men, the most popular fragrances, the most inspiring fragrances… A joy for lovers of perfume.

Oriental Bottles

In the Eastern world, art has always accompanied the use of perfume: through the ages, beautiful perfume bottles have been able to give a sensual and charming identity to the oriental fragrances.Discover in our stores a various high quality oriental perfume bottles products from our collection.

Perfume Roll

Do you still think lovers of perfumes must give up their favorite fragrance during their journey? For more convenience in your lifestyle, we offer in our stores to travel with your favorite fragrance in your handbag or pocket, through our small roll on perfume bottles, 3ml, 5ml, 8ml ... 


Looking for gift ideas? There are all sorts of new items to discover for the 2014 year.choose what you prefer: oriental ,floral ,fresh, woody fragrance.there is always a perfect fragrance for everyone on our largest gift list! simply check out our selection of bottle gift ideas to give or to get!

Invest With Us

Did you ever think about running your own business? We are a global brand with a chain almost 80 stores all around the world. We are expanding and we are not finished developing. We offer franchise contracts. We can allow you to lead your business, under our brand. in the best condition 

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Maa-althahab headquarters was first established in Syria, now we are in heart of Cairo. Do you have a question or comment? Do you need more information about our business? Are you interested by a franchise contract? Whatever the subject,do not hesitate to contact us.

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Do you want share your passion for perfume with us? Learn more about our company and our products? Stay on the loop on specials offers and new arrivals? Please, do not hesitate to follow us on our social networks. Whatever the subject,do not hesitate to follow us.              


Egypt, Cairo

28 Tarabichi St, Algiesh Square