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is a fragrance house inspired by olfactive memories of Middle East heritage, combined with modern Western creativity. MAA ALTHAHAB means “water turning into gold”, like ingredients turning into scents, like memories turning into stories.

MAA ALTHAHAB has a generous offer of perfumes, what it calls its “Fragrance Library”. Each fragrance in each collection is a narrative world to open, discover and enjoy.

With a dedicated creative team in Paris, MAA ALTHAHAB searches for the best raw materials. This has led the founder to the South of France where leading perfumers create MAA ALTHAHAB’s unique and contemporary perfume collections.
They revisit historical Middle Eastern perfume codes and rituals, as well as the region’s welcoming spirit and art of storytelling.

Browse the MAA ALTHAHAB Fragrance Library and
discover a touch of French refinement within a vibrant Oriental aesthetic.

says founder Hadi Masmoum, a Syrian entrepreneur: Perfume is an incredible alchemy of memories of the past, emotions of the present and promises of a great future.


A Generous Offer
MAA ALTHAHAB aims to provide a feeling of infinite possibility through its extensive range of fragrance choices. It offers a true “Fragrance Library” to express yourself, depending on mood, season, or moment of the day.
MAA ALTHAHAB is dynamic and innovative. To build its generous offer, it develops collections and updates them almost monthly with new scents.


At MAA ALTHAHAB, we believe that everyone should have access to high-end perfumes that are sophisticated in scent and design. Our perfumes are made of quality ingredients and carefully developed with top manufactures in France. They are proposed at a fair price as part of our mission to make premium fragrances accessible. We offer excellent value to those seeking scent, creativity and inspiration.


MAA ALTHAHAB, led by its founder’s vision and entrepreneurial flair, has demonstrated its capacity for constant creativity and reinvention. We strive to foster lasting relationships with our customers by providing them with innovative and unique perfumes and olfactive experiences. Service is of primary importance to MAA ALTHAHAB. We are attentive to our customers, helping them find their precise style of fragrance.


MAA ALTHAHAB is dedicated to all scent lovers. From the simply curious to the passionate collectors, our Fragrance Library has a story for everyone. Find the perfume that belongs to you amongst the generous palette of MAA ALTHAHAB fragrances. Let your heart speak. For every sense and every soul, there is a MAA ALTHAHAB story to tell.